Interested in bringing your own Garden of Intelligence to further bloom? 


The book is obviously intended to serve as a full-fledged self-service guide to the gardening of your intelligence capabilities. Still, there are obvious limits to how much of packaged experience it is possible to purvey in any written format, so we are more than happy to join forces with you to get you off ground, and possibly also for some check point activities going forward. The four typical activities described below tend to hold the keys to the best possible knowledge transfers, but we are open to discuss any other sort of involvement that would suit your particular organization and M&CI development project best.


The first question many ask themselves when embarking on a development project is “Where are we now?” That is a very good starting question as it is hard to know how to get from one place to another if you do not know where you are starting from. We can support by providing an audit and evaluation of current capabilities and, as a result, also provide guidance on the immediate next steps.


If you need some team inspiration for certain steps in your development, we can jointly design one or more webinars as components of you in-house M&CI training. These webinars can be for both users and producers of M&CI as well as for participants in your development project. Any such webinar comes with an unlimited license to reuse it for further internal training purposes. 


Developing an M&CI function need, by any definition, to be an inhouse operation. Hence, our role is limited to that of advisors to the head/director of M&CI and/or whoever that might have been given the wonderful mandate of actually growing your Garden of Intelligence. This service can be delivered in many ways but is typically a series of checkpoint meetings for bouncing experiences and issues based on the projects status at each such stage.

Workshops and seminars

Physical on-site meeting, and facilitation of workshops, with different teams are, as we all know, the most powerful tool for knowledge transfer and sharing but it needs to be balanced with the time requirement put on all involved. Workshops and seminars are most likely consequences of the advisory dialogues where we jointly have found room for activities to boost both inspiration and knowledge buildup.

Contact us for a further dialogue on how we can support in your attempts to embrace the produce of improved business awareness and market alignment.